Saturday, 2 January 2010

givaway polar bear winner

thanks to everyone who entered my givaway, i loved all your comments. here is the little bear i made for the winner, he has a cloud and raindrops and is my favorite one i have made. cissy tried to help me pick a name out the hat, and the winner is the wonderful art and ghosts. congrats - please email me your address and this little polar bear will come and keep you cozy!


  1. Congratulations, Art and Ghosts!

    As I read, she would love to live in Svalbard one fine day. Good choice, if you ask me, at least for little polar bears who might not appreciate the English weather ;-)

    Thank you for this giveaway, Kim! And a happy 2010...

  2. I know he is going to a good home

  3. Oooh! I just chanced to pop in and what a wonderful surprise!
    I have never won anything since i was 2 years old when my family dressed me up as a silver winged fairy for the Queens jubilee;)

    As for winter, i am already mourning the turn of the year towards spring, for the nights will soon become lighter here, and twilit, icy wonderland shall softly fade away.

    Thank you so very much. Kay is right - he will have a fine welcome here!

    All the best x

  4. Oh I am so happy that Louise won !
    This bear will be so happy and perfectly at ease in her beautiful house !
    x x x