Wednesday, 24 February 2010

cool orange thingy

orla's not too happy that emily gave me this cool orange thingy to hold my yarn in. now she can't knock my balls of wool on the floor and run off with them anymore....


  1. Hej Kim! How clever and it even looks design. I like the 'woolcover' and it's in my favorite color! What are you knitting? It looks pretty.
    Your 'new' banner is also great (i'm a typography fan)

  2. ta Ingrid! the fabby wool yarn was a super gift from a friend, i am knitting a scarf and i want to add pom poms to it. i was also given a ball in black, white and grey shades, that i want to crochet with! hope you are getting a wee bit of sun and it's not too cold! it's freeeezing here in scotland! bbrrrr! :-)