Wednesday, 28 July 2010

happy birthday cissy!

another week and another cat's birthday! this time it is the turn of cissy tigerlilly to have a happy birthday post! truth is i was not actually 'looking' for a third cat, i was happy with just two plus i could barely afford to look after another kitty, somehow though we were brought together and i am so glad i gave cissy her 'forever' home with us. despite being a beautiful kitty she was not going to be 'snapped up' at the rescue centre as she needed re homed with other indoor cats due to bad eyesight (so she could follow them around), plus she had a tendency to greet you by latching every claw and her teeth onto your arm! hence the tiger in her name! however, against the odds i knew she belonged with us.

i brought her home a year today, when she was thought to have been about a year old. so today we will celebrate her 'pretend' second birthday. orla loved cissy from the start, however it took a while for biba to adjust to having a new sister. they get on ok now despite the fact that cissy can be a bit of a bully sometimes, and i even caught them curled up together in bed recently. cissy also has another side to her, a real loving side that has earned her the name 'snuggle bug' or 'snuggler' as she seems to love the occasional cuddle with me under the duvet, in my arms. she also is very playful and is very sociable around folk. she is currently on a very strict diet due to her love of grub, and is known to scoff hers then try and polish off biba and orlas as well!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

if only!

i think i may have just found my dream holiday home, a beach chalet, via here and found here. i think hanging out there with some friends and a few ciders would make me very hyggelig happy indeed! it would even be fun to visit in the winter with that log burning stove to keep me cozy! studiomama also have a cool shop where you can buy instructions how to make your own recycled chairs from old pallets (like above) and get instructions to make a stool for free!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

colour happy!

i am not the first to blog about these amazing painted sticks by artist ginette lapalme, however i am so inspired by them i just had to share them too!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

happy birthday orla!

two years ago this morning i went to check on my little rescue cat biba who had been with me for 9 days and had been hiding under the sofa most of that time (the pdsa had told me she was an extremely nervous and timid cat). when i peeked my head under the sofa i saw she was not alone, curled up next to her was a teeny tiny little kitten! wow what a surprise! the rescue centre had not known she was pregnant, and she was very thin so it didn't show. i named the little one orla dot (the first thing i noticed was her black tail with a little white dot at the end)

orla is now two years old today (still teeny tiny) and although quite shy like her mum she is very naughty, cheeky ,funny and lets you know what she wants and when! she has been a constant source of fun and joy, and although she has never liked getting picked up and cuddled (also just like biba) she is very generous with her 'kisses'. she loves to play 'fetch' and her current favorite pastime is 'the tunnel and lobster game' above. she is the nicest surprise i have ever had! (although when she wakes me up in the night by 'rattling' the blinds i think otherwise!) happy birthday teeny!

Friday, 16 July 2010

nice frocks

i found these fabby dresses by jubilee through one of my very fave blogs life in the slow line. saya finds such inspiring stuff and also takes fantastic photos that never fail to make me smile!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

happy birthday biba!

today is the 4th 'pretend' birthday of my wee shy, sweet, loving cat biba bella. when i brought her home to live with me 2 years ago from a rescue centre, she was thought to be around two years old. she is very camera shy so i don't get to take many pictures of her as she runs off as soon she spots me stealing a photo. i simply love her to bits and feel very lucky to have her in my life. nine days after she came to live here she surprised and delighted me: she gave birth to her daughter orla under the sofa!

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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

i heart flickr!

rojo + garabato
meire sweet sweet life (also check out amy's new blog)
planet fur
lakbdesign/fergus and mekathmo
et lille oejebik
stephanie levy

im not a fan of facebook and im not into tweeting on twitter but i do love flickr! so i am amazed and delighted to see that my hyggelig happy flickr pool now has over 400 members! 4891 wonderful photos have been added so far, and constantly bring a big smile to my face! if you have been adding photos then thanks a million for helping to spread the hyggelig and the happy! here's just a few of my current faves. (all photos belong to the owners as credited below each image)

i also like to take a peek (and sometimes add photos) to many other flickr groups including these fabby pools - makes you happy, grateful daily, urban knitting, just sheds, granny chic, the simple things in life and coney island.
rojo + garabato have a cool new online magazine.

where has summer gone?

the view from my window has been like this lately and the wet and windy weather is set to continue over the next few days. umbrellas at the ready!