Monday, 30 August 2010

for my wish list

this bear storage unit is rather cool isn't it? i can just picture it holding some of my books. wonder if it would scare the cats though?

Thursday, 26 August 2010


cissy: the cat who thinks she's a tiger.

i read in a book by a cat 'expert' that as cats are natural predictor's they need a bit of a challenge getting food, especially indoor cats who can get bored, so its a good idea to introduce our cats to 'food foraging' by hiding kibble in a variety of places for a more natural way of feeding. well i started mine of easily by placing some lightly folded paper 'goody bags' near where they normally would be fed.

three non amused faces looked at me as if i was bonkers.
so i shook the little bags.
i opened them up and showed my cats what was hidden inside.
nothing but blank stares.

i left the kitchen and came back a few hours later to find 3 hungry cats and lots of untouched food bags. yup just as i thought my cats are smart. why go to any trouble when they can just wait and get it in a bowl!

Monday, 23 August 2010

making me smile

momo and ichigo from matesrubbish

i wish i lived in california sunchairs from mademoiselle chipotte

three blind mice avon soap set at white cat vintage

Sunday, 22 August 2010

pamela tang

i certainly have two sides to my personality when it comes to design, and one example of that is frocks. when im not lusting after orla's brightly coloured retro inspired pattern dresses like this one or wishing for something like this from eley kishimoto, i love simple clean lines in natural coloured linen and wool. my favourite designer of linen frocks is pamela tang. in an ideal world i would have one of each, well i guess i can dream.

astralian based pamela spent a decade in interior design before returning to her roots and concentrating on hand made products. she has even more amazing designs and also artworks in her shop.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

i can't stop wondering........

what orla kiely's new fragrance smells like. it contains some of my favorite scents like green tea, rose, bergamot and chocolate, so i'm sure i would love it. but if i'm honest even if It stunk and i could afford it i would buy it just for the cute bottle design anyway. so here's hoping i get a visit from santa this crimbo.

sad fact: a few years ago when in london i saw orla and her family checking out some converse in office shoes. sadly i was itching to go up and let her know i practically worshiped the ground she walked upon, however i managed to restrain myself, thank goodness.

eduardo paolozzi

i have been checking out the eduardo paolozzi exhibition at the glasgow print studio, he was one of the most inventive and prolific artists of the 20th century, studying at edinburgh college of art and at the slane school of art in london.

paolozzi's innovative use of collage, part influenced by dada and surrealism, translates well into screenprint of which he was a master of, and used this technique to create many of his most famous and memorable prints in the 1960's.

this one is turing 6 (2000) from the turing suite. the exhibitions runs until 26th september and well worth a visit if you are in glasgow. more info here.

Friday, 6 August 2010


i've not spent much time at the allotment this summer. I'm either too poorly or its been raining cats and dogs. i did get a wee trip there last week however when we had a nice, dry, sunny day for a change. emily has been busy being all green fingered, and thanks to her we have a plot full of veggies ready to use including potatoes (or tatties as we call them in scotland) and she has a recipe for using them along with a fab illustration here.

and yes, the hut really is squint.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

little red boat

summer holiday's when i was a kiddy. way back when simple things like sailing a little boat was so much fun! you can just see a peek of me in this photo, between my mum and sister.

~dreams do come true - elizabeth got her beautiful house in the country.
~i love nami yamamoto's miniature garden.