Monday, 26 April 2010

sealpelts and beardcaps and seablankets

now this is what i call very hyggelig and very happy and i LOVE it all - including the sealpelt's (top) made from 100% icelandic wool. all from the amazing vik prjonsdottir created by five designers.
i could do with snuggling up in a seablanket right now as spring has disappeared and it is cold, rainy and grey again here in glasgow. hurry back please spring, i miss you.

Sunday, 25 April 2010


i discovered this bird in spital st london whilst reading the great spitalfields life a blog devoted to my favorite part of london. the bird is by belgian street artist roa who's other work can be found on many a derelict building in city's including paris, berlin and belgium.

anyone seen any of roa's street work?

Sunday, 18 April 2010

daddys girl

just as i was uploading this photo i turned on the radio and a jazzy version of 'my heart belongs to daddy' was playing. couldn't have been more fitting. my dad passed away 19 years ago today. he was a kind, gentle, wonderful dad. i was very lucky to have him as my father. he was probably at his happiest lying on the floor with headphones on listening to jazz music very loud with a big smile on his face! i miss him like crazy.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

walking the cat

when cissy tigerlily came to live with us last year she was a very skinny stray who attempted to eat biba and orla's food every mealtime after scoffing hers down very quickly. she now walks away from food when she is full like the other two, however she has slowly grown very chubby indeed. in my endeavour to get her to slim down i have been taking her a 'walk' on the courtyard outside now it's springtime. problem is she just plonks herself down on the ground or curls herself around my legs. i know with bad eyesight she is a wee bit wary of being outside. i hope with less food, more playtime and many more 'walks' my little snugglebug will trim up nicely.

cissy has a double!!
i cant stop watching chandi the amazing dancing dog!- so funny!

this week...

the postman brought me a little letter full of sweet smelling and beautiful spring treasures sent from juliane in sweden, a big thanks my dear - cissy thinks this one was for her! +++ i felt very luck for many days of blue skies and sunshine +++ i spent a lovely sunny afternoon listening to birds tweeting in my allotment +++ i got to say hello to a swan in the park +++ i was smiling and feeling chilly whilst watching this fabby video found via mieke willems +++ i was loving looking at all the cheery flowers spring has brought +++ my sister who is studying aromatherapy gave me a much needed and wonderful massage. all in all a lovely week! i hope yours was too!

park life

Monday, 12 April 2010

pop pop portraits

here are some folk you might like to meet........
marie and pochie who live in a converted warehouse in manhattan.
nicholas who is very shy.
charity who's boyfriend is a sweetie.
corey who has had the same bowl haircut since 1988.
best friends azumi and akiko who live out of each others wardrobes and adore flea markets.
and reece who describes his style as eclectic but his mother calles it hobo.

if you pop over to helena's blog pop pop portraits you can also meet the likes of miss marianne, josh and anouk. helena herself likes painting, drawing, lemon tea cake and fat dogs. she lives in los angeles and has a shop full of her fabby work!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

making me smile!

it has been way too long since i mentioned my wee hyggelig happy flickr pool. i am so happy that so many amazing photos continue to be added and i would just like to say a great big thank you to everyone that is sharing the hyggelig! here is just a little peek of the huge amount of brilliant images that make me smile every time i visit.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

april's to do list

my new favorite way to make lists. found via emmas fabby blog, you can make your own here!

a super duper easter giveaway!

Friday, 2 April 2010

a good friday walk

today was perfect spring weather, sunny with blue skies. i am lucky enough to live within a few minutes walk of some of glasgow's historic landmarks including glasgow cathedral, the necropolis, the oldest house in glasgow (built in 1471) and st mungo museum of religious life and art.

daffodils were smiling and cherry blossoms will be out soon. yay!

i wish everyone a very happy easter weekend filled with fun, sunny weather with many a chocolate egg!