Sunday, 2 May 2010

may's to do list

just one of my many 'to do' lists. good for scatty brained folk like me! happy bank holiday weekend!


  1. kim- love your list, looks like mine. and i had to say, i'm from scotland, too - glasgow/dunfermline/kinross. yes, true. i love it! i can imagine you on your wee allotment with your veggies :) wish i was there instead of here in my north carolina garden. hope it's not raining! lynn-anne

  2. hello lynn-anne! you are a scottish lass too, yay! there is a lots of reasons to love about scotland, but i am sure the frequent rain may not be one of them! i have never been to north carolina, i bet it is lovely at this time of year in your garden! :-))