Wednesday, 21 July 2010

happy birthday orla!

two years ago this morning i went to check on my little rescue cat biba who had been with me for 9 days and had been hiding under the sofa most of that time (the pdsa had told me she was an extremely nervous and timid cat). when i peeked my head under the sofa i saw she was not alone, curled up next to her was a teeny tiny little kitten! wow what a surprise! the rescue centre had not known she was pregnant, and she was very thin so it didn't show. i named the little one orla dot (the first thing i noticed was her black tail with a little white dot at the end)

orla is now two years old today (still teeny tiny) and although quite shy like her mum she is very naughty, cheeky ,funny and lets you know what she wants and when! she has been a constant source of fun and joy, and although she has never liked getting picked up and cuddled (also just like biba) she is very generous with her 'kisses'. she loves to play 'fetch' and her current favorite pastime is 'the tunnel and lobster game' above. she is the nicest surprise i have ever had! (although when she wakes me up in the night by 'rattling' the blinds i think otherwise!) happy birthday teeny!


  1. Sally (bookbird)23 July 2010 at 02:26

    lovely story and such a cute kitty :) Many happy returns Orla!

  2. thank you Sally
    from orla! :-))