Thursday, 26 August 2010


cissy: the cat who thinks she's a tiger.

i read in a book by a cat 'expert' that as cats are natural predictor's they need a bit of a challenge getting food, especially indoor cats who can get bored, so its a good idea to introduce our cats to 'food foraging' by hiding kibble in a variety of places for a more natural way of feeding. well i started mine of easily by placing some lightly folded paper 'goody bags' near where they normally would be fed.

three non amused faces looked at me as if i was bonkers.
so i shook the little bags.
i opened them up and showed my cats what was hidden inside.
nothing but blank stares.

i left the kitchen and came back a few hours later to find 3 hungry cats and lots of untouched food bags. yup just as i thought my cats are smart. why go to any trouble when they can just wait and get it in a bowl!


  1. They probably spent those few hours trying to find the contact details for an SSPCA-type organisation for humans, on the basis that you'd gone insane...! (Imagined cat conversation: "Hiding food in bags? Isn't that one of the first signs of madness?" "No, that's hairy paws." "Really? *I* have hairy paws! Uh oh!")

  2. My cat would disown me! So amusing:)

    Beautiful photo, too.