Sunday, 15 July 2012

a wee hello from me

i came across the work of aaron moran whilst browsing the zara website. i like it. check out his video, it is really interesting and inspiring.

ive not been posting for ages as really struggling with my health. i am still uploading snaps on flickr when i can, mostly of cissy and my little roof garden (inbetween rain showers!!) however i do hope to be posting more regularly here soon.

this is how i have been feeling these last few weeks.

p.s check out this FAB video i also found on the zara site.

pp.s and this too, LOVE her specks and her barn, want to move there........


  1. great to see you back on here with a lovely post. fingers crossed for an upturn for you. x

  2. thank you elvis, and fingers crossed for you also :-) x