Thursday, 3 January 2013

happy new year and gratitude

happy new year, i started mine with much gratitide for all the lovely christmas gifts i was given by friends and family, feeling very lucky indeed. people know well by now my love for orla kiely and i was given not one but two beautiful orla scarfs and some pillow cases, an amazing neon pink scarf too, jewellery, pretty soaps, the amazing hand made home book that i can't stop looking at the amazing photos, chocolates, the downton abbey dvd, and amoungst other things a ticket to go see john prine with my sister. yes, very lucky.

i am looking forward to hopefully a slightly easier year than last year filled with creativity, joy, laughter, love, peace, and better health. i wish you all the same, and much more. thanks to everyone who stopped by my wee blog last year or my flickr i plan to make it a little more inspiring, creative and fun this year if possible, so keep popping by.

over the next few days i plan to update my blog list as many blogs have finished up, changed sites, and need replaced by new ones i have discovered lately.


  1. Those soaps look lovely - what great packaging! I have those Orla pillowcases - they never fail to cheer me up. I love the look of the book, especially the Noah's Ark pics - I have a bit of a thing for little toy/plastic animals :) All the best for the New Year.

  2. thanks for your comments Sally, All the best for the new year to you also, hope it's a great one :)