Monday, 28 December 2009

my little gingerbread cookie

yay! we did have a white christmas! it was still white from the last snowfall then more snowflakes as we were driving away from my mothers house on christmas day after dinner. i took my cat cissy outside to see the snow. i thought she might enjoy it having once been a stray (she has bad eyesight hence her leash) but her tail all went bushy and she trembled so i took her back indoors to warm up. she must be feeling this chilly weather as she taken to keeping cozy by snuggling up under the duvet with me every night!
note her perfect little heart shaped ginger patch on her back. just like a gingerbread cookie!
more snow is forcast here soon. i hope you are all enjoying the holidays.


  1. what a sweetie! If only my moody little tomcat would wear a harness, we could go for so many interesting walk together.

    And Cissy has such beautiful markings. I love her ginger tail!

  2. Happy new year Kim!
    I wish you lots of joy and happiness in everything you do!*

  3. Hej Kim!

    On the first day of this brand new year you already made me laugh with your cucumber smile!

    Please continue being creative and lovely as you are.


  4. thank you all so much for these lovely words! big hugs to you from scotland x