Monday, 7 December 2009

happy monday!

i am very happy to tell you that my wee doggy crimbo cards and grizzly bears are now available in the new super dooper fabby glasgow shop welcome home!

this weekend i went to see the sharmanka kinetic theatre at trongate 103 and took this wee video of some of the carved figures and pieces of old scrap performing incredible choreography to haunting music and synchronised light.


  1. the doggy cards are just wonderful

  2. Oh I love your bears !!!
    x x x

  3. thank you so much Mathyld! :-) xx

  4. Kim! I didn't know those cards were yours! I was coo-ing over them only last night in Welcome Home, just lovely... Hope your keeping well cxx

  5. oh cheers Carolyn! i must have just missed you last night, i was there for a wee while and did look out for still poorly with me/fibro but being ill has given me the time to tune into my creative side a wee bit, so it's not all bad! how's it all going in france? hope all is well! i saw all your lovely prints last night and i'm glad you are still going strong with you illustration xxx