Monday, 30 November 2009


twinkly lights and fairground fun at winterfest glasgow just a few minutes walk from my home.

a big thank you to veronique christensen for making me smile when i saw this!

Sunday, 29 November 2009

open for business!

yay! my teeny tiny shop is now open! i will be adding more items during the week.

i hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! i had a nice but very chilly time at the dennistoun craft fair yesterday. if any of the organisers are reading this some heating would nice next time!
many thanks to emily for being super helpful and puting up with a freezing butt all day! (and hello to the lovely danish family that stopped by)

Friday, 27 November 2009

hyggelig happy socks

bbrrr it's getting cold around here so cozy socks are vital at the moment, however i can't understand why my sock drawer never has any matching ones in it, just odd old ones with holes!

lots of fabby socks have been added to the flickr group lately. many many thanks to everyone who has shared photos with us.

the owners of these socks and photos are:, handmade liset, osloann, sweet sweet life and litchi7

Thursday, 26 November 2009

community spirit and crimbo cards

i am preparing myself for a busy weekend. you will find me at this local craft fair on saturday spreading the hyggelig with my little selection of crimbo cards (limited edition gocco prints with felted wool) wristwarmers, neckwarmers, hyggelig bears, felted pebbles and lots more besides. i like the idea of taking part in something local as i have lived in this part of town for many years now, so really feel part of the community. i will also be taking along my new sweet mini moo cards - i love moo! on sunday i shall be getting ready to open my new wee shop! i am super excited that i am going to be part of the etsy community of handmade sellers too!

many thanks to my lovely assistants orla and cissy (above) who tried (but sadly failed) to help me print, stick and take photos this week, and to biba who kindly just kept out the way.

Sunday, 22 November 2009


i love pears! my beautiful thrifted (£1.50) wooden pear bowl i found last sunday and my fabby pear brooch from enna.

Friday, 20 November 2009

wear my stuff

a huge thank you to everyone who has added super fabby photos to the group. this week i have been loving these cheery photos from wear my stuff. rhianne is a new zealander who makes cool stuff and sells it here and has a lovely blog here. thank you for making me smile this week!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

rain rain go away!

this is the view out my window today before it got dark! non stop heavy rain and i can hear the wind whistling at the window. yup i guess it will be soon time to say hello to winter. i was lucky as i could stay indoors today keeping cozy, drinking hot chocolate, listening to this and making felted wool bears for a local craft sale and the opening of my little online shop. i have been thinking of opening an etsy shop for the last year but have finally set a date! my hyggelig handmade shop will open on november 29th to be followed soon after by a tiny vintage shop. i will show you my finished hyggelig bears and other goodies soon. this weekend i shall go and see this exhibition - can't wait!

Monday, 16 November 2009


a little girl was sending her doll for a spin on her skateboard at the yard sale yeserday!

Saturday, 14 November 2009


getting ready for the littlest birds yard sale. my latest doll is called doris. more here.

it's just past 4pm here and dark already. is cold and damp here today yet i have just seen a girl outside wearing flip-flop's. she's brave!

it's weather for keeping cozy and drinking hot chocolate.

i hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

Friday, 13 November 2009

old tiles

many of glasgow's victorian tenement (apartment) buildings have beautiful tiles on the walls. they can be found in many close's (stairwells) this one was on the outside of a nearby building i passed by last week.
i cant wait until next month when i shall go to see where the wild things are. (it's not out here in the uk until then) i saw the trailer last night when i went on a rare trip to the cinema to see this amazing movie. i am a big kiddy.

garlands, bunting and flags

today i shall be having fun making some bunting for my hyggelig stand at the littlest birds yard sale on sunday, using old felted sweaters and fabric. for inspiration i need look no further than flickr, so this weeks photos from the hyggelig happy group are only a few of the amazing garlands, bunting and flags to be found there.......many many thanks once again to every one who adds pictures to the group. i am loving them all.

the owners of these beautiful photos are lobster and swan, kristenaderrick, kitschcafe, tsilli, snailtrail, dottie angel and hollis queen

Thursday, 12 November 2009

the littlest birds

the days are getting shorter and scarfs are getting longer.....and i am knitting, felting, and sewing like crazy as i am taking part in the littlest birds yard sale this sunday. if you live in glasgow pop along and say hi. it's held in the albany, ashley st, woodlands, g3 6ds (behind the garage on woodlands road) 10am - 4pm. apart from my hyggelig offerings there will be books, jumble, artywares and yummy food. i really like the name of this flea market as it's also the title of one of my very fave songs.