Monday, 18 January 2010

dear mr boden

dearest johnnie

thank you for kindly sending me your spring brochure. however i would be most grateful if you stopped posting any out more to me for a while. i am skint and therefore cannot purchase anything from you. i know we go back a long way and i have taken much delight in 'better times' in getting a wee parcel from you through my letterbox. i hope we will once again become acquainted in the future, but really mr boden, i mean, come on stop teasing me with the things you know that have made me part with my pennies in the past, all these lovely stripy and spotty things i like, have you no shame! oh and you know that taking photos of your model's camping 'down at the farm' and wandering about downtown manhattan is going to make me want your 'must have' items even more. hope this is ok, and don't worry i'm sure my friend sheila will put in an order or two to keep you in business.

kindest regards

kim xxx

1 comment:

  1. *haha* i so feel with you.

    whenever i find something colorful from mr. boden in my mailbox i do think... well, this is kinda sneaky seduction...

    as weak as i am. :o/

    ;) nic