Saturday, 16 January 2010

feeling grateful

i have just spent a few horrible day's with no running water or flushing loo due to burst frozen pipes. it made me realise that we are so lucky to take these things for granted when so much of the world can't. the stress of it all has faded into insignificance on hearing and seeing the terrible disaster in haiti.

i am busy making some things to sell in my shop (including wool felt jewelery and valentine's cards), for which i will donate a percentage of the sale so i can help in some small way (i hope to add them in a couple of days). juliane is already doing this with her beautiful doll hot water botttles, and lena has listed other designer's wanting to help.

some things that have cheered me up lately, letters from two very special little people, re learning to crochet again (and loving it!), beautiful roving wool colours, and watching this and this, both such amazing little videos.


  1. Oh, sweet Kim, I popped in here to read about what you are doing right now - and were surprised to find some lines about my little Little Mi and Little Mo sale!

    Thank you so much for posting about Haiti - you are absolutely right that we should feel more grateful for what we have (even frozen pipes ;-)
    So nice that you bring in some colour and joy - helping is much easier when you smile...

    A warm hug from snowy Berlin, Juliane

  2. That Sarah Blasko track is a beauty! I hope one day I can make something as charming as that.

    Looks like you've been really busy. May you earn lots of pennies for both yourself and the haiti fund.

  3. love EVERYTHING!!!!


  4. Juliane sweetheart i am so glad that your little ones have sold and it is so great that you are helping in this way, i hope so many other do similar. sending you some big scottish hugs x

    Em - i have no doubt that we will be seeing some equally amazing videos on you tube from you in the future honey x

    Thea - thank you! i had a look at your blog, it's full of lovely inspiring words, i look forward to reading more! x