Saturday, 17 April 2010

walking the cat

when cissy tigerlily came to live with us last year she was a very skinny stray who attempted to eat biba and orla's food every mealtime after scoffing hers down very quickly. she now walks away from food when she is full like the other two, however she has slowly grown very chubby indeed. in my endeavour to get her to slim down i have been taking her a 'walk' on the courtyard outside now it's springtime. problem is she just plonks herself down on the ground or curls herself around my legs. i know with bad eyesight she is a wee bit wary of being outside. i hope with less food, more playtime and many more 'walks' my little snugglebug will trim up nicely.

cissy has a double!!
i cant stop watching chandi the amazing dancing dog!- so funny!


  1. i like the second one.
    ...wish you many happy springwalks :)

  2. thank you mus :-)) when i took cissy a 'walk' today i picked her up for a cuddle and heard her purr for the first time! so i think she likes getting outdoors. :-D

  3. Gorgeous Cissy!! And I love your skirt muchly too :)