Saturday, 17 April 2010

this week...

the postman brought me a little letter full of sweet smelling and beautiful spring treasures sent from juliane in sweden, a big thanks my dear - cissy thinks this one was for her! +++ i felt very luck for many days of blue skies and sunshine +++ i spent a lovely sunny afternoon listening to birds tweeting in my allotment +++ i got to say hello to a swan in the park +++ i was smiling and feeling chilly whilst watching this fabby video found via mieke willems +++ i was loving looking at all the cheery flowers spring has brought +++ my sister who is studying aromatherapy gave me a much needed and wonderful massage. all in all a lovely week! i hope yours was too!


  1. Sweet Kim, next time I should make it more clear that the package was indeed for your cat (I thought the stamp made it clear ;-) Hope you are spending a sunny weekend...

    And I am totally addicted to the orange geranium chocolate you sent. The plan was to live a bit healthier during Spring, mostly ayurvedic food, but now I am in the bondage of vice, thanks to you ;-)

  2. dear Juliane cissy is now very happy to find out that they were indeed for her! (see my latest flickr uploads for you!)

    i am so addicted to orange and geranium chocolate that i am glad the shop to buy it from is quite far away;-)

    just little bits of sun today but i am having a lovely day anyway, drawing vintage caravans, ferris wheels, deck chairs and balloons! i hope you are having a good weekend too:-))