Sunday, 4 April 2010

april's to do list

my new favorite way to make lists. found via emmas fabby blog, you can make your own here!

a super duper easter giveaway!


  1. thank you Kim,
    these cards are just fab aren't they?
    Emma x

  2. Oh Emma they are just brilliant and thanks for the link on your wonderful blog! happy easter :-) x

  3. Oh I just started my to do list and stopped after a while, because there are too many things to do ;)

  4. that is amazing! love it, I'm going to be making lists all over the shop! Thanks for the mention too x

  5. LOve it! Great blog! Will follow you! Good luck and enjoy spring! XO

  6. hi Ingrid - i know! my 'real' to do list is way longer than this!! ;-))

    hi Louise - happy listing!:-))

    hi Mar - i'm glad you found my blog as now i have found your lovely blog, i am following you now too. i think we like many similar things...:-))