Friday, 30 October 2009

the best things in life are free(ish)

or nearly free! as someone who has not a bean to my name at the moment i love a freebie or a cheapo thrift shop score now and again. a big thank you to gert a fellow allotment holder (in his eighties but still has a twinkle in his eye that makes me go weak at the knees) who gave me one of his pumpkins when the ones i planted failed to grow - i will be making some pumpkin soup and curry with it. i am grateful for all the beautiful freebies nature is giving me this autumn (and i live in the city!) and to the sunday papers for giving some free fab free movies (for a change!)recently. i scored this cute little deer to add to my growing collection in a local charity shop for 10p! and last but not least thanks to moo for the free cards they are giving away at the moment. all you have to pay is the postage. now that's what i call a bargain!

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