Friday, 23 October 2009

happy when creating interview: alleluja

that beautiful little lamb i showed you earlier this week was made by none other than the ultra talented sawako hayakawa who creates alleluja. when my little lamb arrived all the way from japan a few months ago i gasped at just how perfect he looked and felt. like many of alleluja figures they have double uses. mine can be worn as a pendant or used as a pincushion. how cool is that!

it was to my great delight that sawako agreed to a little interview about her work:

sawako, when did you start making your beautiful ceramic pendants and pincushions?
it is about ten years ago that i gained experience in ceramic art for the first time. after a few years i started to make mini cat pincushions. at the same time i started needle felting as well, and i began to make various pincushion pendants last year.
what materials do you use to make them?
i use porcelain clay and raw wool. i frequently use a gypsum mould, and all my moulds are original.
where did you learn/study ceramics?
i learned that at the ceramic workshop in the vicinity. is still go there now.
who and what inspires you?
i love the movies, music, comics and my pet cats. all of them give me inspiration. anyway, all cute things and weird things inspire me.
what projects have you planned for the future?
i want to fuse clay with wool more. i like those materials so much. i'll continue to make various pincushions. and i want to create something other than the pincushions using porcelain clay and wool in the future.
saweko sells her crawler pincushions in new stone age, los angeles. you can also find a selection of the beautiful seen work here in her etsy shop.
thank you so much sawako for telling us a bit about your work. i wish you continued success with your amazing creations.
i have more great wee hyggelig happy interviews for you up my sleave for the coming weeks!

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  1. Gorgeous little things! And yet ANOTHER thing to add to my ever-growing Etsy wish list :)